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Work smarter with powerful teaching planner tools and integrated curriculum-aligned teaching resources.

Teacher Planner available on multiple devices

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Teacher Planner

Create plans and review curriculum coverage using best practice pedagogy.

iUgo Planner

iUgo Planner makes creating lesson, unit and inquiry plans easy. You can create long-term, monthly, weekly or daily plans that link to your curriculum.
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Electronic Teaching Resources

Find quality activities, lesson plans, games and more to link easily to your planning.

iUgo Teachables

Boost your planning with iUgo's Teachables teaching e-resources.
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"After implementing iUgo in my school, I’ve noticed a huge shift in the amount of time teachers now have to focus on teaching."

Suzi De Gouveia, Principal at St Teresa’s Catholic School, iUgo user since 2013
Teacher Planner

iUgo Planner

iUgo Planner is an easy-to-use, curriculum-aligned digital teacher planner. It helps teachers to plan and organise their classroom and students.

iUgo Teachables

The library of Teachables e-resources in iUgo helps teachers to find relevant and aligned lesson content and activities. Combined with the digital planner, iUgo empowers teachers to plan well and teach well.

"iUgo is quick and easy to use. It has supported me and the needs of my students by cutting down a lot of time needed to plan for different levels in one classroom. My programming has become so much easier that it's not a big daunting task than how it was when I was planning using Word."

Katie Sullivan, Gwabegar Public School

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Rachelle Haslegrave

Rachelle Haslegrave, Principal at Tarras School

“Teachables go so well with iUgo, you can instantly link resources into your planning. You don’t have to go and save the content somewhere else before uploading it to iUgo. It also saves you a lot of time from not having to type it into your planning.”

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