iUgo - Transforming Curriculum Planning

We know teachers need to work smart. That’s why we’ve created iUgo – a leading-edge curriculum planning solution.

It wasn’t just our idea – over the years we’ve listened and learnt from New Zealand’s best teachers about what would make curriculum planning easier. This led to iUgo – an innovative solution that supports teachers to plan and teach well.

iUgo was created by Essential Resources, a successful educational publishing company that is passionate about transforming teaching and learning.

Essential Resources built the first iUgo digital platform in 2009, described back then by teachers as ‘a lifesaver’. We’re doing more. Today, iUgo is cloud-based, giving teachers even greater flexibility to plan effectively. It includes a great resource management system that allows easy storage and sharing of resources.

iUgo is boldly transforming teaching and learning - leading the way as an intuitive, flexible curriculum planning solution. It continues to evolve – becoming simpler and smarter. And here at Essential Resources, we’ll keep listening to teachers so we can keep doing it better. It’s because we love helping teachers to teach.