“iUgo offers the opportunity to share techniques, save time and connect with staff more easily. It's a quality planning tool.”

Anne Maree McDougall from Mercury Bay Area School

Anne-Marie McDougall of Mercury Bay school first discoverd iUgo in a weekly newsletter from Essential Resources. Fully aware of our wide range of high-quality teacher resources, she signed up for a 30 day free trial right away and took the time to roam around the programme, exploring its many tools and features.

“It’s really intuitive. There are lots of videos of learning - it’s like a personal assistant.”

Anne-Maree found the programme easy to follow and brought all staff who wanted to use the programme onboard. Mercury Bay school uses a combination of ‘old school planning’ and iUgo, they appreciated that the tool brought quality planning into their routine, allowing learning and growth to take place within the team.

“When we have called Essential Resources for support it’s always really quick. This is really helpful, as I can’t coach everybody. It’s like outsourcing the coaching on planning.”

Collaboration is key at Mercury Bay. iUgo provided the opportunity for the team to share techniques, save time and connect with staff easily. Whether creating a school-wide inquiry topic or sharing learning plans, iUgo does the job quicker and smarter which allows teachers to get on with teaching.

iUgo provides the tools to plan confidently and effectively as a team in the classroom or at home. Trial iUgo for 30 days today to save time and transform the way you plan.

Anne Maree McDougall

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Helen Quirke

“The language used in iUgo is tailored to New Zealand, so whether you are talking about stages or levels, you have the easy access straight away.”

Helen Quirke from Greerton Village School

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Nathan Collie

“I’d advise anyone to use iUgo. For the benefit of the whole school - from syndicate planning to team teaching, planning is far more effective.”

Nathan Collie from St Patrick's School, Invercargill

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Grant Peacock

“I’m blown away by the responsiveness of the team. Their desire to make the product work for people is astonishing.”

Grant Peacock from Elm Grove School, Dunedin

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