“I’m blown away by the responsiveness of the team. Their desire to make the product work for people is astonishing.”

Grant Peacock from Elm Grove School, Dunedin

Deputy Principal at Elm Grove School in Dunedin, Grant Peacock, was familiar with the different online planning solutions available. Google docs, international software and word - Grant grew tired of starting from scratch over and over again. Luckily he came across iUgo, since then his planning has gone from strength to strength.

“It gives me confidence each day that I’m organised and fulfilling the professional requirements as a teacher.”

Elm Grove School in Dunedin were shifting to a collaborative teaching environment. The team needed a streamlined way to communicate and document their planning and teaching. He needed software that catered to the curriculum he was teaching. So, he did a quick google search and came across iUgo rather easily - being NZ-made, the programme largely benefits those working in a collaborative environment.

Being a technology savvy teacher meant that Grant understood the power of technology in planning and so he had suggestions for iUgo - one of his favourite parts of the programme is that it is built off the back of teacher feedback. Suggestions from Grant and his team were taken on board, sharing the same goal of living, breathing software looking to serve its users better and better each term.

“I’m blown away by the responsive of the team. Their desire to make the product work for people is astonishing.”

The programme is used in different way by different members of the Elm Grove team. At a collaborative level everything from long-term plans to unit plans to lesson plans are used on a day-to-day bases. Grouping the students in sections has also been used to organise groups.

“I can’t envisage a future in teaching for me in the classroom without this tool.”

Take your planning to new heights with iUgo by trialling free for 30 days. No obligation and plenty of support to help you plan well and teach well.

Grant Peacock

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Anne Maree McDougall

“iUgo offers the opportunity to share techniques, save time and connect with staff more easily. It's a quality planning tool.”

Anne Maree McDougall from Mercury Bay Area School

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Jo Ander

“For the first time we’ve been able to easily collaborate planning across curriculums. iUgo is intuitive, simple to use and can be tailored to our specific needs.”

Jo Ander from Whanganui High School, Northland

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Rachelle Haslegrave

“Teachables go so well with iUgo, you can instantly link resources into your planning. You don’t have to go and save the content somewhere else before uploading it to iUgo. It also saves you a lot of time from not having to type it into your planning.”

Rachelle Haslegrave, Principal at Tarras School

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