“With iUgo, I’m now working smarter and more efficiently. I have more enthusiasm for planning as it's no longer such a burden.”

John Bowron from Riverview School, KeriKeri

From paper planning and curriculum folders to covering the curriculum with ease online, John Bowron of Riverview School in KeriKeri hasn’t looked back since joining iUgo.

“iUgo brings Little efficiencies that add up to a big lot”

Before iUgo, John’s planning was written up in a book, but it wasn’t sufficient. He found it frustrating and time-sucking having to reinvent the wheel week after week. Luckily, he spied an iUgo advert while flicking through a magazine in the staffroom in 2015 and jumped straight online to investigate further.

John familiarised himself with the different planning features that were all of a sudden at his fingertips, and thought to himself “Gee this is a really powerful tool”, once he got his head around it. He then introduced his team, who organised a webinar with iUgo support star Holly, and the whole team has gone from strength to strength since.

“iUgo provides easy collaboration - it provides an efficiency of planning when it comes to time that I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

On a day-to-day basis, the Riverview School team heavily collaborate while developing units and long term plans, whether that be in a team meeting sitting next to each other, or from a kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon. The collaborative nature of iUgo gives John an effective and time saving way to look at his teams planning and leave comments, keeping him abreast of what they are doing.

John recommends iUgo as it allows him to go through the different areas of planning in a structured way to make sure he’s focused – keeping him on his toes and constantly considering the big idea, achievement objectives and indicators while he plans.

Within any team, a programme that allows clear, open and collaborative planning is crucial. iUgo is here to make your planning and content searching as simple, streamlined and efficient as possible. Whether you are in the classroom, staffroom or loungeroom at home, we’re here to help you plan well so that you can teach well!

John Bowron

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Andrew Boaz

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Andrew Boaz from Rolleston School

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